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Party Favor Tip

 A Special Tip From Surprise!!

Making Favors - Champagne Glass Favor


Start with some little plastic champagne glasses and a packet of tulle circles (available at Surprise!!) to make these  favors.

Fill them with Jordan almonds, pillow mints or conversation hearts.  

 Materials Needed:

 *** Miniature Plastic Champagne Glasses

*** Tulle Circles

*** 3/8”  personalized satin ribbon

Joran Almonds

Glue Gun


 *** available at Surprise!!

 To make the favor above:

 1. Arrange all your materials on a table

2. Fill the champagne glass with almonds

3. Cut the tulle circle to the center only.  Place a few drops of glue under the part of the glass that will hold the almonds. This will hold the tulle to the glass

4. Have your clothespin handy for the next step.  Place the circle around the stem of the glass.  Overlap the edges and pull it upward.  The glue will hold the tulle in place.  Now you can twist the top of the tulle.  Grab the clothespin to hold the twist in place.

5. Tie the ribbon tightly around the twisted tulle.  Tie a bow.  Remove the clothespin.




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